Spotlights on Various Research Advances in CANCER


Mini Review

Management Interventions and Public Health Policies: Prevention, Control and Palliative Care in Oncology

Clevson Santos Passos1, Erica Regina Ribeiro Sady2, and Clevia Santos Passos3*

Research Article

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis Based in a Cut-Off Value for Plasma Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Expression

Laura Nunez-Naveira1,2, Carmen Montero-Martinez2, and Luis Antonio Marinas-Pardo1,2*

Research Article

A Preliminary Study on the Anticancer Properties of Oxytocin: A Neuroendocrine Regimen with Oxytocin, Antitumor Pineal Indoles, and Cannabidiol in Untreatable Advanced Cancer Patients Progressing on Pineal Indo [....]

Paolo Lissoni*, Giorgio Porro, Franco Rovelli, Giusy Messina, Rosa Cusmai, Alberto Caddeo, Roberto Trampetti, Enrica Porta, Alejandra Monzon, Maria Grazia Rosel [....]

Review Article

Post-translational Modifications (PTMs), from a Cancer Perspective: An Overview

B Sharan Sharma1,2, Vaishna Prabhakaran1, Akash P Desai1, Jaya Bajpai1, Ramtej J Verma2, Prabodha K Swain [....]

Research Article

Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes Expression in Stage IIIc/IV of High-grade Serous Ovarian Cancer: Variation with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Prognostic Value

K Rojas*1, G Prado-Vazquez2, C Barcena3, L Trilla-Fuertes2, A Gamez-Pozo 2,4, A Zapater-Moros4< [....]

Research Article

Chromatographic Fractionation of An Ethanolic Extract of Peels from Ipomoea batatas Lam for Improved Anticancer Activity

Oluyori Abimbola P.1*, Olatunji Gabriel A.2, Shaw Arun K.3, Rastogi Preeti3, Sanjeev Meena4,&n [....]

Case Report

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Pineal Germinoma: Parinaud Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome Revisited

Rithvik Marri1, Harini Rao2, Diana S Osorio1, Jonathan L Finlay1

Research Article

Removal of Carcinogenic Arsenic from Drinking Water By the Application of Ion Exchange Resins

Sevtap Karakurt1, Erol Pehlivan1 and Serdar Karakurt2*

Case Report

Primary Renal Lymphoma: A Case Report

Mohammed Alagha1*, Ramadan Algamal2, Belal Suliman1, Rami Ajjour3, Mariam Mattar4

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