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Children’s Hospital Foundation Chair for Pediatric Research, University of Louisville School of Medicine, USA

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Case Report

Fatal Case of Gestational Trophoblastic Tumour Following a Molar Pregnancy in a Low Resource Setting: A Case Report


Olivier Mulisya1, *, Kasereka Tatumwa Liston2, Katembo Mathina Erickson2, Kambale Kalungero Gervais2, 3

Research Article

Targeting Overexpressed Cyclin Dependent Kinase 1 (CDK1) in Human Cancers: Kamalachalcone A Emerged as Potential Inhibitor of CDK1 Kinase Through in Silico Docking Study


Aruna Talatam1, Phani Kumar Reddy2*, Noboru Motohashi3 Anuradha Vanam4, Rao Gollapudi5, *Aruna Talatam1, Phani Kumar Reddy2*

Research Article

Chronic Inflammation and Its Role in Colorectal Cancer Development


Mohsen Mohammadi1, Jalil Mehrzad2*, Nourouz Delirezh1, Abbas Abdollahi3

Research Article

Conversion of Human Hepatoma Cells by 520d-5p to Benign or Normal Liver Tissues via a stemness-Mediated Process


Satoshi Tsuno1, Xinhui Wang1, Kohei Shomori2, Keigo Miura3, Yugo Miura3, Junichi Hasegawa1

Research Article

Clinical Presentation and Risk Assessment of Ovarian Tumors in Baghdadian Women


Sarah Waleed Hashim1, Rasha Zaki Shukur1*, Haider Mohammed Jaafer2, Khudeir Jasim Al-Rawaq3

Research Article

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis Based in a Cut-Off Value for Plasma Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Expression


Laura Nunez-Naveira1, 2, Carmen Montero-Martinez2,  Luis Antonio Marinas-Pardo1, 2*

Mini Review

Management Interventions and Public Health Policies: Prevention, Control and Palliative Care in Oncology


Clevson Santos Passos1, Erica Regina Ribeiro Sady2, Clevia Santos Passos3*

Research Article

CRISPR/Cas9-based Editing of CDK4, p107, and TGFβ1 in Human Breast and Lung Cancer Cells


Hussein Sabit1*, Doha Alaa2, Nourhan Jamal2, Sodfa Tarek2, Magda Fouda2, Bassant Maher2

Review Article

Post-translational Modifications (PTMs), from a Cancer Perspective: An Overview


B Sharan Sharma1, 2, Vaishna Prabhakaran1, Akash P Desai1, Jaya Bajpai1, Ramtej J Verma2

Research Article

Removal of Carcinogenic Arsenic from Drinking Water By the Application of Ion Exchange Resins


Sevtap Karakurt1, Erol Pehlivan1, Serdar Karakurt2*

Case Report

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Pineal Germinoma: Parinaud Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome Revisited


Rithvik Marri1, Harini Rao2, Diana S Osorio1, Jonathan L Finlay1

Research Article

Chromatographic Fractionation of An Ethanolic Extract of Peels from Ipomoea batatas Lam for Improved Anticancer Activity


Oluyori Abimbola P1*, Olatunji Gabriel A2, Shaw Arun K3, Rastogi Preeti3, Sanjeev Meena4, Dipak Datta4

Case Report

Primary Renal Lymphoma: A Case Report


Mohammed Alagha1*, Ramadan Algamal2, Belal Suliman1, Rami Ajjour3,  Mariam Mattar4

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