Past Issues

2019: Volume 2, Issue 1
Research Article

Chromatographic Fractionation of An Ethanolic Extract of Peels from Ipomoea batatas Lam for Improved Anticancer Activity

Oluyori Abimbola P.1*, Olatunji Gabriel A.2, Shaw Arun K.3, Rastogi Preeti3, Sanjeev Meena4, Dipak Datta4

Case Report

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Pineal Germinoma: Parinaud Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome Revisited

Rithvik Marri1, Harini Rao2, Diana S Osorio1, Jonathan L Finlay1

Research Article

Removal of Carcinogenic Arsenic from Drinking Water By the Application of Ion Exchange Resins

Sevtap Karakurt1, Erol Pehlivan1 and Serdar Karakurt2*


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