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Luisa Aguirre Buexm
Luisa Aguirre Buexm

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Anatomy-Pathology
Campos Medicine School

Biography: Luisa Aguirre Buexm is Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Anatomy-Pathology, Campos Medicine School, Brazil. Professor of the Specialization Course in Stomatology at OCEx 2011-2014), Master's degree in Oncology from the National Institute of Cancer - INCA (2011-2013), Improvement II in Oncology by the National Cancer Institute - INCA (2013), INCA Institutional Development Program fellowship (2013-2014) Substitute Assistant Professor of the Fluminense Federal University (2016) and Doctorate of the Graduate Program in Oncology of INCA (2014-2018). 

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